5 Money-Saving Tips for Summer


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Summer is just around the bend, and finally, it will be time to say goodbye to the winter’s biting cold and the harsh pollen allergies of the spring. As summer nears, wouldn’t it be great to avoid the extra expense you will incur for vacation, home cooling, water use, summer parties, camping, fuel, etc.? Here are great ways to keep the budget rolling.



Summertime is a time when people see fuel costs skyrocketing. That’s not difficult to explain. People go out and travel more during summer, thus driving the fuel cost higher. Consider carpooling, biking, or even walking. With carpooling, you get to enjoy the company of friends, while with walking, there’s a lot of opportunities for exercise and also, for seeing the views.


In summer, it’s so hot that you tend to think more about comfort than energy costs, but enjoying both a low energy bill and a home with the perfect temperature is not impossible.

  • Have your AC inspected as early as possible. Do this early because labor costs for inspection and repairs by technicians also soar up during summer.
  • Keep the AC under a shade so it can cool your area quickly. Seal all holes in the room. Look into opening your windows to let in cool air when the AC is not in use.
  • Decide what time you need the AC on the most. Is it at night when everybody is sleeping or in the day when you do vigorous activities? Watching TV or just reading a book? Keep the AC off.

Summer Wedding Gifts

Make the most out of your summer season wedding spending. One, stretch your money with a group gift. It is not a far possibility you will be invited to a wedding party this summer. If you can gather friends who are also invited, talk them into pooling your resources to splurge on a group gift that the couple will surely love. This way, you can give a wonderful gift and at the same time, make wedding gift-giving economical.


While you target lowering the energy bill, it is also a good move to temper water use without sacrificing cleanliness and health.

  • Check for leaks on the faucets and toilet.
  • Have a bucket on a standby in the bathroom. Any unused water should go to the bucket and can be used for watering plants, washing the car or bikes, mopping, and for anything that needs cleaning.


There are surefire ways you can save money on a vacation without compromising the quality of your trip.

  • When traveling, leave toiletries behind. Free toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and soap are given free to hotel guests.
  • Start early monitoring of daily deals offered in the cities or areas you intend to visit. Free restaurant coupons and being introduced to places/tourist spots you have never heard of before are two advantages you can have at the very least.
  • Think of doing “public transportation” when you get to the city. It’s a lot cheaper than hiring a private service. Research beforehand. In most cities, you can get from the airport to your hotel by train or by bus.