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GenF20 Plus Review

With people becoming more conscious about the various aspects of their health and their looks, the demand for products that can sustain one’s youthful appearance and the body’s ability to function properly is continuously increasing.

Some of these products and technologies that are made to make people look and feel younger have become more popular than others.

This includes a relatively new form and scientifically proven effective method of rejuvenating cells involving HGH or human growth hormones. HGH releasing substances found in many health supplements today are making a lot of news lately.

There are many HGH releasing products in the market which advertise that they can help make skin look younger and help people who take them feel more vibrant and robust.

However, a lot of these products tend to be made of synthetic HGH, which can not only have little effect but also pose a danger to the person taking them.

A company has now introduced an HGH product that promises to make consumers look and feel ages younger without exposing them to the negative effects of synthetic HGH.

The product is made of natural materials found in the environment. GenF20 Plus health supplement has been tried and tested by many medical professionals as well as everyday consumers, with almost every verdict about it turning positive.

But can these testimonials be trusted?

There have been cases in the past when companies have tried to sway public opinion on a product by producing their own testimonials.

Here, you will find out whether GenF20 Plus health supplement really delivers or not and if it could really be trusted.

How Does It Work?

The makers of GenF20 Plus claims that within three weeks of continuous consumption of the supplement twice every day, consumers will feel results that will reflect on better performance at work and in bed.

This happens when the product’s herbal ingredients begin to interact with the pituitary gland, which is the hormone-producing part of the body.

When this is triggered, the production of hormones will increase. With it, the benefits will be felt thanks to better blood circulation and brain activity due to changes in hormone levels.

To get the maximum benefit of the product, the makers suggest taking the capsule two times every day.

The first effects that will be noticed by consumers would be improved quality of the skin, higher rates of metabolism leading to fat loss, and clearer thinking.


Looking and feeling young are just the terms used to describe the benefits of this product as a whole. Specifically, HGH improves the following areas of the body:

  • Muscle tone – since increased hormones mean better absorption of proteins, which are the building blocks of all of the body’s muscles.
  • Younger looking skin – this is achieved by improving the circulation of blood in the face, which then leads to better moisture absorption.
  • Fat loss – if you would notice, it becomes more and more difficult for people to stay thin as they age. This is because hormones drop with age.  Since hormones are responsible for increasing metabolism rates, their decrease would mean those excess calories are stored in the body as fat. With HGH, these deposits are burned through quicker metabolism.


There have been comments made by unimpressed buyers concerning the effectiveness as well as the risks in consuming this product.

Some customers have complained that the product has done nothing for them and that their weight, skin quality and metabolism rates have not seen any improvements after consuming the product.

Some have complained that they have consumed the product for two months, yet there have been no noticeable changes.

Some have also complained of getting rashes on their legs and arms which have a burning sensation to them. These situations have proven that GenF20 Plus health supplements can cause allergic reactions to some customers. If you are thinking of buying this product, check out the ingredients first.

Overall, these unsatisfied customers believe that this product is no shortcut to achieving youthful looks. If anyone would want to improve how they look and feel, it would be better to stick to dieting, exercising, and sleeping for at least seven and a half hours every night.


If you are thinking of buying this product, you should know that this is not going to do the job alone. HGH has been proven to have anti-aging properties, but it has to be coupled with dieting and exercise.

You should also be aware that this product causes different reactions for different people. Just because the product is effective for your friend does not necessarily mean that it would also be effective for you.

In addition, some of the herbal ingredients which make up this product tend to cause allergic reactions to some people. Therefore, before making a purchase, consult with a pharmacist or a medical professional first to help explain to you what the product contains.

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Note: The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH.