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Save Money on Your Air Conditioner: Tips for Spring


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Save Money Air Conditioner

As the snow melts and winter ends, spring comes along and brings in the warm weather and a rise in humidity. In some cases, the increase in temperature after experiencing zero to negative degree weather can make you feel hot and uncomfortable. So you resort to using the air conditioning to make you feel less stuffy. This natural reaction to increased heat can raise your energy bill dramatically within a few days of continued use of the air conditioning.

To save money on your air conditioner, here are some ideas and tips you can apply at home.

1. Make sure that your rooms are completely sealed – a crack or a gap under the door can easily let in warm air from the outside. When warm air comes inside an air conditioned room, the air conditioner works harder at making sure that the temperature stays the same. This puts pressure on the motor and increases your energy bill. Cool air can also escape from the inside through these cracks or gaps under the doors. Make sure that your doors or windows do not have gaps or cracks.

2. Use thermal-backed or insulated drapes – sunlight can warm up a room even when the air conditioner is on. This makes your air conditioning work harder at cooling the room. Use thermal-backed or insulated drapes for your windows so that sunlight won’t easily get in.

3. Buy an energy efficient air conditioner – your old air conditioner that you bought in 2005 may still be working fine so you don’t feel the need to replace it. But did you know that it can be costing you more in energy bills than if you buy a new and more energy efficient model? Newer air conditioning models are made to be more energy efficient than ever as people are becoming more conscious of the high cost of energy. Consider replacing your old model with a new one.

4. Clean your air conditioner periodically – the dust and dirt that are trapped in the filters of your air conditioner can make the motor work harder at cooling your space. Make sure to clean the filter and other parts of your air conditioning from time to time. If you are unsure of how to clean it yourself, you can call a service center that specializes in cleaning air conditioners. They can clean your air conditioner for you for a minimal fee.

These tips can make sure that your air conditioner will work efficiently throughout the warm spring weather. If all else fails, open your windows to let the cool breeze in and save money on your energy bills.